Paintings and Illustration Gallery

Fauve specializes in paintings for film and television commercials,
creating art for CD art, packaging, private residences, and themed entertainment.
All styles and sizes. All media and surfaces.
Fauve is often called upon to do the seemingly impossible,
or the very simple, under impossible deadlines,
employing creative techniques and an eye for the magic that every project requires.

Clients include: RSA USA, Dektor Films, Johns and Gorman,
Jet Sets (LA & SF), Isolated Ground, Fox,
Paramount, Cylo Prod., and others.

Portrait 2' X 3' oil on canvas



Portrait 2' X 3' oil on canvas



Flowers 9' X 7' acrylic on canvas



Pissaro 2' X 5' acrylic on canvas



Pointer 2' X 3' oil on canvas



Jayblue 2.5' X 3' oil on canvas


click here for higher res
photo of painting before installation


Classical paintings in oils for a feature film.



Mona Lisa and Van Gogh as if half-finished


Art used for the new Tupac Shakur CD inside cover. Oil on canvas.
Tupac's favorite painting was Van Gogh's Starry Night.


Venice scene for private home. 2' 5" X 3' Oils on canvas.

The photo on the left is the client's original photo reference.
We brought out the colors, warmed up the palette, and gave the painting
a loose painterly style.

Odd specialty miniature cereal boxes for a Kellogg's commercial. Hand-painted acrylics on wood blocks
(both sides) for a mobile over a baby's crib.


...and more...

 Religious 1  Religious 2  Detail 2a  Religious 3 Detail 3a Detail 3b Detail 3c
Cubist 1  Cubist 2  Cubist 3  Cubist 4  Cubist 5  Cubist 6  Cubist 7
 Night Scene   Vase  Honda  Red Wine

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Ramiro Fauve is an Argentine-born art director, designer, painter and musician known for the giant Nike murals such as the 70' X 60' Bo Jackson mural at Hollywood and Vine, and the 400'-long LA Marathon mural on the 1-10 freeway in Los Angeles. Fauve Associates creates branding and specialty creative projects for film, televison, companies, corporations and private.