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Pepsi Co.



Am Ex




Wieden and Kenedy


Dektor Films

Johns & Gorman

Jet Sets

Isolated Ground

Tribal Scenery


L.A. Marathon

Stage Deli


Branam Ent.

Imagine That

Rando Prod.

Ultimate FX


...and on...

Conceptual art direction, blue sky, ideation, themeing, design and illustration, to fine art paintings and mega-murals, backings and props for film and television, to video production and music for liscening.

Known also for the Nike murals as far back as the late 80's, to the 400'-long LA Marathon mural, to branding companies like the Edison (, Cole's (oldest public house in LA) and Jaleva Pharmaceuticals, as well as camouflage art (making things disappear
to camera), Fauve Associates is often called upon for unique projects. Many of Hollywood's
toughest directors have called us thier "secret weapon."

We've come to specialize in pulling off the seemingly impossible.

Just try us.


As seen on CNN, Step-by-Step Graphics and in the book
"Street Gallery: Guide to 1000 L.A. Murals"
by Robin Dunitz

Ramiro Fauve

Born in Argentina in 1959, of French and Italian descent.
He is a former partner in the successful Los Angeles mega-mural team
of AdRem Creative ('87-'93).
Fauve is well-known for his giant murals such as the
Nike/Bo Jackson mural
and the 400' long
LA Marathon mural on the I-10 freeway.

Fauve also sings, composes, arranges and produces music.
Between art projects and his deep interest in music,
owner of
Fauve Associates,
bringing his knack for creative puzzle-solving to the service of his clients.

Fauve studied art privately with the late Charles Nevad.
Painted his first mural at the age of 16 with the late artist/activist,
and longtime friend,
Eva Cockcroft.
As partner in the successful mega-mural team
of AdRem Creative, he painted several murals around
the country with artist David Larks. He has been assisted
since 1991 by Juan Fernandez (91'­'92) and Natasha Ward ('92­'99).

Creative Director -- Cole's
Creative Director -- Clifton's
Conceptual Art Director -- Scenario Design for Universal Studios, Singapore
Creative Director -- The Edison
Featured on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Featured on Telemundo- LA Marathon Coverage
Winner Art Expo, Cal State Fullerton, Best CD Art, Best Song, Best Fine Art Entry
Design and paint the L.A. Marathon mural on the 10 freeway at Overland
Paint the 70' X 60' Nike/Bo Jackson mural at Hollywood & Vine
Named as "Illustrator" for the Belding awarded to Ketchum Communications
Featured twice in Step-By-Step graphics
Gallery Showings: Patrick Moore Gallery, District Art Gallery LA, Art Share LA,
Latino Art Museum, The Los Angeles Municipal Gallery
and Gallery at 777 (others)

His work has appeared in Step By Step Graphics
and in the book
"Street Gallery: Guide to 1000 L.A. Murals"
by Robin Dunitz.

In his personal work,
Fauve likes to communicate emotion while giving the eye its candy.

Fine art at


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